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Syllabus:Horn from 2013

Important information:
Please note that the information listed below does not contain complete syllabus details. Therefore, when planning an exam entry, it is important to refer to the current syllabus and the Exam Information & Regulations.

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Pieces (select one from each list)

List AAvailable In
1. Theme from Ninth Symphony
2. Chorale
Arthur Campbell
3. Romanza
Tom Davoren
4. A Knight's Tale
Philip Sparke
5. German Dance
6. Pastime with Good Company
Henry VIII
7. La Mourisque
8. Song of the Western Men
Trad. English
9. Koinobori
Trad. Japanese
List BAvailable In
1. No. 3 from For Children, Vol. 1
2. Mordred's Castle: No. 2 from Hornets Nest
Lizzie Davis
3. Waltz for E.
Tom Davoren
4. Strollin'
David A. Stowell
5. Moscow or Paris: No. 1 or No. 2 from Cityscapes for Horn in F
Peter Graham
6. Echoes or Sad Café
Christopher Gunning
7. Nightfall
Ian Lowes
8. Birdie Song
Rendall and Thomas
9. Hot Chilli or Cheeky Cherry: from Really Easy Jazzin' About for French Horn
Pam Wedgwood
List CAvailable In
1. Tiny Minuet: from Polished Brass
Lizzie Davis
2. Pop or Sizhu: No. 1 or No. 2 from Dance to the Beat of the World
Jock McKenzie
3. One, Two, Three!
Peter Meechan
4. Puppet's Dance
Philip Sparke
5. Hungarian Hoe-down or Supersonic Samurai: No. 3 or No. 14 from Simple Studies for Beginner Brass
John Miller
6. A Small Step or Fiesta Siesta: No. 1 or No. 2 from Easy Jazzy 'Tudes
Mark Nightingale
7. Modal Melody or Marching Home: No. 3 or No. 7 from Skilful Studies for Horn
Philip Sparke
Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Scales & Arpeggios
2. Sight Reading Tests
3. Preparation for the Aural Tests