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Selected recordings from the Grade 8 syllabus

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  • Alto Saxophone Exam Pieces 2014 2 CDs, ABRSM Grade 8 (ABRSM)

Pieces (select one from each list)

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1. Allegro or Vivo: 1st or 3rd movt from Sonata for alto saxophone, Op. 115


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2. Adagio and Allegro: 2nd and 3rd movts from Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020

J. S. Bach

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  • Sonata in G minor BWV 1020 (trans. Harle for Eb/Bb saxophone & piano) (Universal Edition)

3. Asturias for alto saxophone, Op. 84


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4. Sarabande et Allegro for alto saxophone


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  • Sarabande et Allegro (Leduc )

5. Pour la longueur de la respiration: No. 9 from Études for alto saxophone


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  • Études for Alto Saxophone and Piano (Billaudot )

6. Lou Cabridan: No. 5: from Tableaux de Provence for alto saxophone

Paule Maurice

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7. Allegro moderato: 1st movt from Sonata for alto saxophone

Gary Schocker

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  • Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Theodore Presser)

8. Concertino for alto saxophone, Op. 78


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  • 3rd & 5th Solo Concert +concertino Op78 (alto Sax) (Lemoine )

9. Mi temps and Course: 2nd and 3rd movts from Sonatine Sportive for alto saxophone


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  • Sonatine Sportive (Leduc )

10. Adagio and Vivace: 1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in G minor, RV 28 for alto saxophone


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  • Vivaldi Sonata in G minor, RV 28, trans. Leonard for alto saxophone (Christina Leonard Publications)

List BAvailable In

1. Samba Triste: 1st movt from Three Piece Suite for alto saxophone

R. R. Bennett

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  • Three Piece Suite (Alto Saxophone & Piano) (Novello)

2. Obsession (Habanera) and Bahama Rhumba (The Caribbean): Nos 2 and 3 from Latin American Dances for alto saxophone

John Carmichael

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  • Latin American Dances alto Sax & Piano (Emerson )

3. Cygncopations for alto or tenor saxophone

Roderick Elms

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  • Cygncopations for alto or tenor saxophone (Eb/Bb edition) (Camden Music )

4. Any three dances: from Cinq danses exotiques for alto saxophone


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  • 5 Exotic Dances for alto saxophone & piano (Schott)

5. Allegro or Allegro con brio: 1st or 3rd movt from Blues Concerto for alto saxophone

Bill Holcombe

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  • Blues Concerto for Alto Sax & Piano (Musicians Publications )

6. Tango and Charleston for alto saxophone

Trevor Hold

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  • Tango & Charleston Alto Sax piano (Thames )

7. Allegro ma non troppo: 1st movt from Sonata for alto saxophone

Wolfgang Jacobi

Available In

  • Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Bourne Music )

8. More Brothers

Duncan Lamont

Available In

  • The Light Touch Book 2 for Alto Saxophone & Piano (Stainer & Bell )

9. Gymnopedie Blue and East Coast Mainline: 2nd and 3rd movts from Sonatina for alto saxophone

James Rae

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  • Sonatina for alto saxophone & piano (Reedimensions)

10. Schwarzer Tänzer for saxophone

Nigel Wood

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  • Schwarzer Tänzer for Eb/Bb saxophone and piano (Saxtet )

List CAvailable In

1. Allegretto (scherzando): 3rd movt from Sonatina for solo saxophone

Chris Allen

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  • Sonatina for Solo Saxophone (Emerson )

2. Menuet 1, Menuet 2 and Gigue: from Suite No. 1 for solo saxophone

J. S. Bach

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3. Abstraction

Rob Buckland

Available In

  • Changing Times (Bb/Eb Sax Solo) (Astute Music)

4. Wandering Sax or Sax Polonaise: No. 59 or No. 60 from Sixty for Sax

Alan Bullard

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  • Sixty for Sax (ABRSM)

5. Tango: No. 14 from 17 Études dansantes for solo saxophone

P. M. Dubois

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  • Pierre Max Dubois 17 Études dansantes (Billaudot )

6. Jim and Pam and Pam and Jim for solo instrument

Graham Fitkin

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  • Graham Fitkin Jim and Pam and Pam and Jim for solo instrument (Fitkin)

7. Study in E


Available In

  • 80 Graded Studies for Saxophone, Book II (Faber Music)

8. Devil's Brew: No. 36 from 36 More Modern Studies for Solo Saxophone

James Rae

Available In

  • 36 More Modern Studies For Solo Saxophone (Universal Edition)

Also RecommendedAvailable In

1. Scales & Arpeggios

Available In

  • Scales and Arpeggios for Saxophone, Grades 1-8 (ABRSM)

2. Sight Reading Tests

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3. Preparation for the Aural Tests

Available In

  • Aural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 6–8, with 3 CDs (ABRSM)
  • Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 8 (ABRSM)
  • Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 8 with 2 CDs (ABRSM)