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Time Pieces for Cello

Time Pieces for Cello
Time Pieces and More Time Pieces are a collection of five volumes providing an extensive selection of repertoire for cello players from Grades 1–7.

Time Pieces for Cello is a three-volume anthology, edited by Catherine Black and Paul Harris, providing a graded selection of tuneful pieces for cello and piano. The well-crafted arrangements provide practice of the keys, note-ranges and fingering patterns encountered in the early grades. Each volume balances well-known pieces with less familiar music, featuring a wide range of material from Tallis to Tchaikovsky and from Beethoven to Vaughan Williams. The pieces are presented in chronological order together with the year in which they were written.

Volume 1: Grades 1 & 2
Volume 2: Grades 2 & 3
Volume 3: Grades 3 & 4

More Time Pieces for Cello, compiled by William Bruce and Tim Wells, is a further two volumes of arrangements and original compositions presented in chronological order from 16th century to the present day.

Volume 1: Grades 1–3
Volume 2: Grades 4–7

The Time Pieces series allows pupils to get a real feel for the different styles of music through time, and will prove an invaluable source of repertoire for further study and recitals.