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The Suite for Horn Solo, Op. 64, by Bertold Hummel was composed in 1977 and received its first performance in the U.S.A. with great success in 1981. The work largely follows the path indicated by Hindemith, of a "melodic tonality" in its musical language, i.e. in which the inner tensions of the intervals are searched and explored. After the fanfarelike introduction containing an agitated figure which prepares the listener for the mood of the following intermezzo, we hear the adjoining chorale treatment of ,,Nun bitten wir den Heiligen Geist". This is the centre of the work and is proof that Bertold Hummel's style of composition has a deeply religious and humanitarian orientation. The brilliantly virtuoso build-up in the last movement is reminiscents of a jubilant finale of the classical period, and rounds off convinringly and compellingly this four-movement cycle.

Duration: 11 minutes.