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Charles Brett, the distinguished counter-tenor, has compiled and edited an inspiring and eclectic anthology of works for counter-tenor, with accompaniment.

This anthology comprises twenty songs, five each from Italy, France, Germany and England. A variety of composers is represented, from great masters, like Bach, Monteverdi and Purcell, to many lesser-known composers of the Baroque period - Humfrey, Lambert, Gilles, Kindermann and others. All are presented in new editions, with freshly composed realisations of the continuo. The songs are varied in difficulty, and should appeal to many counter-tenors from students to professionals.

1. Was ist unser Lebensstand? (Johann Erasmus Kindermann)
2. Komm, Seele, Jesu Leiden (Johann Wolfgang Franck)
3. O angenehme Nacht (Johann Wolfgang Franck)
4. Komm, suesser Tod (Johann Sebastian Bach)
5. Jesus, unser Trost un Leben (Johann Sebastian Bach)
6. In the black, dismal dungeon of despair (Henry Purcell)
7. Sabina has a thousand charms (John Blow)
8. Sleep downy sleep (Pelham Humfrey)
9. Be welcome then, great Sir (Henry Purcell)
10. Young Coridon and Phillis (Jeremiah Clarke)