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Piano Star
Piano Star is a series of repertoire books to inspire young pianists and help them to develop their musical skills.

The series offers a rich selection of imaginative solo and duet pieces for pupils and teachers to play together as well as offering a dedicated piano theory activity book, helping students to develop an understanding of musical notations and boost their aural awareness.

Packed full of pieces and arrangements from leading educational composers at early beginner to Grade 2 level - and with colour illustrations throughout, this series will be sure to motivate and inspire young learners and is above all, fun!

Please see below a complete listing of the Piano Star publications below.

'It’s great to see the clear layout, big notes and engaging colourful illustrations … My pupils have loved them. Some have been appropriated for their Prep Test own-choice, but others have just been used for progress and fun.' Music Teacher magazine

For further information on the Piano Star series and to access additional resources, please click here.