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This concertante work of six minutes in duration, in three successive (attacca) movements, belongs to the intermediate audition trombone literature and requires serious preparation on musical, rhythmical and mental concentration issues from aspiring trombonists.

Preludio: In the middle section, between a lively entry and a repeated finale in 3/2 meters, the composer has placed a lyrical passage for the trombone to “sing” over a undulating piano accompaniment.

Siciliano: Issued by the musical sicilian shepherds, this pastoral dance, based on a bouncing 6/8 rhythm, became fashionable in the European court dance music repertoire of the 18th century. Since that time, the Siciliano has inspired countless composers.

Galop: This 2/4 ludic dance, which seems to have its origins in Bavaria or Hungary, became very popular in Europe during the mid-19th century, usually as final piece of a quadrille (series of dancing figures). Many famous composers have written Galops. The one by Jean-François Michel concludes his suite with panache, in the Russian manner (Shostakovich) rather in the frivolous Viennese or Parisian (French cancan) Galop styles.