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Julio Salvador Sagreras (Buenos Aires 1879-1942), guitarist, composer, and teacher, is the author of numerous texts, including the famous Lecciones de guitarra, praised by entire generations of guitarists. Arranged in order of increasing difficulty and with specific objectives described by the composer himself, the Lessons gradually accompany the student in his or her studies. This book presents the unabridged edition of the First Lessons and includes a carefully chosen collection of useful and beautiful musical selections – extracted from the five later volumes – which demonstrate the author’s refined teaching technique.

The appendix includes two compositions that are particularly admired by guitarists: the mazurka Maria Luisa (a piece taken from Tres Piezas Fáciles Op. 19), and the virtuosic El Colibrí. The lessons and the pieces present in the collection, revised by Giovanni Podera and Giulio Tampalini based on the original texts, are included on the accompanying CD.