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Explore modern soundworlds and compositional styles with this contemporary music series

Collections of contemporary works in various compositional styles.

The Spectrum series was established by ABRSM and Thalia Myers in 1996, and now includes volumes for piano, cello, clarinet and string quartet.

Spectrum is an exciting introduction to the music of today, reflecting the diversity of compositional trends apparent in new music. The aim of the series is to commission some of the finest composers to write pieces of modest length and difficulty, while preserving the essential characteristics of their compositional style.

The series offers accessible contemporary repertoire for all ages and abilities.

CDs are available (separately in some instances) containing performances of all the pieces contained in each volume. Notably, the CDs for Spectrum for Piano 4 and Spectrum for Violin contain playalong tracks for the pieces that involve a soundtrack accompaniment.

Spectrum is currently available for piano (six volumes including piano duet), cello, clarinet, string quartet, violin, and trumpet.