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“Simple Studies on Trombone Technique” has been composed by a trombonist for trombone students to develop aspects of trombone technique, which because of the slide, are not always the same as for the other members of the brass family. These tuneful studies have been carefully composed with the young trombonist in mind and therefore do not include any notes in 7th position (which the young player would find impossible to reach) and avoids awkward slide shifts (between 1st and 6th position for example) to allow the music to flow more fluently. All slurs in the book are natural slurs and a few alternative positions are introduced in order to achieve them. There are also a number of studies that utilise the trombonist’s ability to play glissandi and studies to develop slide technique and legato tonguing. It has been written for trombonists working towards Grade 1 through to Grade 3, who should then progress on to the more advanced “Melodic Studies on Trombone Technique” book.

This book is also available in Bass Clef